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Pouya Tarh Pars

PTP is a private consultant engineering company, established in 1987. PTP with its more than 50 experienced members carry out various studies and designs and provide solutions, based on clients’ needs,

technical conditions, previous experiences and corresponding standards. PTP and its experts are recognized for their key role in performance of the basic projects, particularly in study, design and construction of industrial plants, ports and maritime structures along the Iranian coastlines.
PTP senior professional staff are internationally recognized for their technical solutions founded on science, practicality, and economics.
PTP is supported by a network of strategic alliances of professionals in related consulting, academic and scientific communities. These alliances are available to provide qualified expertise to unique projects. PTP is well experienced in the assembly and management of multi-discipline project teams.
PTP recognizes that technical expertise is the foundation of excellence, however the client relationships and effective management systems make successful projects. We strive to provide outstanding service and urge to contact our past clients to

find out about our performance in previous projects.

PTP aims to provide reliable consultancy which brings the trust.

In late 80s, PTP private company was established by four civil engineers. Nowadays, PTP with its about fifty members, is one of the successful consulting engineers companies in the fields of gas and oil, civil, coastal and port engineering. Several certificates have been awarded to PTP for its capabilities and management in performing various projects.


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